Friday, August 13, 2010


"'cause you gotta make the best of life while you're young!"

When I was a little girl, every Friday afternoon at 5:00 pm Magic 96 would play this song and my mom and I would just sing our little hearts out.

I'm singing now and thought maybe I should send some "WEEKEND" love your way! ENJOY!

be safe, be crazy, be FUN!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

life is good.

life is good.

That statement is one that has always stuck with me and as the years pass, it seems to change and become more and more meaningful to me.

As a small child it seemed that "life is good" applied to specific moments. i.e. When I got a new barbie or baby doll, or got to wear my mom's makeup and high heels, or go to the barn with my dad to feed the horses, or go spend the night with my grandparents.

As I grew into my teen years it seemed that "life is good" applied to the moments when "life wasn't bad". i.e I wasn't grounded, I didn't make bad grades on my report card, I didn't break curfew, I got my room cleaned and my chores done so I could meet up with my friends or my boyfriend at the Friday night football game.

As I went to college it seemed that "life is good" applied to every moment that didn't include studying. i.e. spending time with sorority sisters, picking out our outfits for fraternity parties and social events, eating all our meals together in the caf, intramural sports, goofing off on the quad. Oh, let's face it... even when we were studying "life was good"!

Since I've graduated college and started my career, "life is good" has once again changed for me. It is no longer just a specific moment that makes life good. It is "life" that makes life good. See, there are so many negative forces in this world that try and regularly succeed in bringing us down. With the many stresses of being an adult, it is up to us to teach ourselves how to find the joys in life now. It isn't up to anybody but you to choose what makes life "good" for you.

For me it's the fact that I wake up every morning healthy. It's that I have a family and friends with whom I can share my trials and triumphs. It's that I have a job to go to every day. It's knowing that at any given moment there is at least one person out there who I can call that will drop everything and come to me. It's knowing I am loved and I do love that makes me say day after day that no matter what happens or what diversities I may face "life is good".

What makes life good for you?

here we go!

Thank you for visiting! This is my first blog post EVER. It even makes me a little nervous. :)

My goal for this blog is still a little undecided, but hopefully as I post, I will figure out where I want it to go.

For now, I think it's going to be a little about me and what's going on in my life and a little about music, arts, and the other "whatnots" that make me tick. I have just found that life is way too short and too exciting, even on a day to day basis, to not share it with others.  So I'm gonna start! I hope that you will find what I have to say interesting and that you will check back on a regular basis to see what's happening with me. So I guess without further ado...